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Lottery Sambad

Lottery Sambad Today

How are you doing? I see that you are looking for the Nagaland State Dear Lottery Sambad [current_day] Today at 1pm and 6pm. This page will be updated with Lottery Sambad Results every day. This page will provide you with the Lottery Sambad results each day.

Lottery Sambad Today

Deer Lottery is very well-known in some states, including West Bengal. You can check the lottery Sambad results from this page. As I was looking at Nagaland State Deer Lottery, I noticed that it has its Day to Day Paper Lottery with endorsements from a few Indian state legislatures.

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result Today: 1:00 PM

115th Draw held on 08/02/2023 Price₹6
1st Prize – ₹1 Crore/-
52E 04125
Consolation Prize – ₹1000/-
2nd Prize – ₹9000/-
18593 27643 33580 42624 63630 69504 73961 76050 80848 88948
3rd Prize – ₹450/-    
1188 1500 1647 1846 2556 4463 4815 7375 8048 9387
4th Prize – ₹250/-
0100 2388 3752 6184 7961 8018 8035 8354 9553 9705
5th Prize – ₹120/-
0120 1427 2383 4194 5148 6852 7321 8016 8557 9484 0194 1453 2579 4390 5211 6934 7393 8027 8746 9510 0292 1684 2638 4426 5665 6944 7405 8060 8790 9528 0495 1814 2830 4465 5722 6971 7412 8084 8867 9530 0500 1866 2838 4559 5865 6982 7445 8172 9036 9610 0538 2075 2870 4792 6152 7065 7459 8216 9285 9663 0676 2105 3007 4947 6616 7112 7476 8281 9307 9689 0817 2205 3210 5006 6651 7152 7614 8359 9332 9807 1174 2327 3540 5045 6729 7187 7744 8468 9359 9870 1297 2347 3541 5130 6751 7196 8001 8556 9382 9893

Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result Today: 6:00 PM


Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result Today: 8:00 PM


Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result Today: Dear 100 Gold Wednesday Weekly 4:00 PM


Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result Today: Dear 50 Silver Tuesday Weekly 4:00 PM


Nagaland State Lottery Sambad Result Today: Labhlaxmi Weekly 4:00 PM


Consistently, Deer lottery tickets are sold in disconnected sales. Nagaland Lottery also distributes the results of those sold tickets at three different times every day. I don’t know if you are completely new to this point, but you really don’t know much about lottery Sambad. Do not stress, I have thoroughly reviewed this.

NOTE: This website is not affiliated with Lottery Sambad. We have not organized any lottery games and this is not an online gambling website. The official website must match your results.

Sambad (Public Called Lottery Sambad) Result

As you may have noticed, the Nagaland State Deer Lottery has become very popular in West Bengal. West Bengali is the primary language. West Bengalis use the internet to view their lottery results. Sambad is the Bengali word for news.

This lottery Sambad result word became so well-known that people now search for it by the name lottery Sambad to see their lottery Everyday results.

Nagaland Lottery Sambad 1PM Result

Nagaland Lottery releases the main aftereffects of their daily ticket deals at 1pm. The lottery Sambad result is what ordinary citizens call it at 1 pm. It is also known as Lottery Sambad Morning results by some. Below is the result of Lottery Sambad at 1:05 pm.

You can find every Lottery Sambad Morning result at 1 PM. If you do not receive results soon, your dear lottery morning results will soon be refreshed. You should keep the page active in this case.

Our group will convert the Nagaland Lottery 1pm outcome to a PDF file and upload it to this page.

The PDF file can now be downloaded and opened with the PDF opener program. Our group then converts the PDF document to a picture and uploads it to this page. Recall that the result of our picture is exactly the same as that from the Nagaland Lottery official website. If you require it, you can view the Nagaland Lottery official website’s outcome.

Nagaland Lottery Sambad 6PM Result

The Deer Lottery issues its second set results at 6 o’clock in the evening. Lottery Sambad Result 6pm is also known as Lottery Sambad Evening Result. This name is given to the public. The Nagaland Lottery 6PM Results are displayed in the form photos below.

You can check the Nagaland Lottery 6PM Result by clicking the image above. This is the result of the lottery Sambad evening.

Only the Nagaland Lottery official website PDF design has been changed to picture design for public accommodation. The goal is that the public can view their lottery news 6pm results.

Nagaland Lottery Sambad 8 PM Result, Lottery Sambad Night Result

This is the Nagaland Lottery’s last day-today lottery result. It is due to be released at 8 PM. It is also known as the lottery sambad 8pm result and the lottery sambad evening result. Deer Lottery distributes all paper lottery tickets sold on their authority site, after which they sell them all.

Above is the Cherished Lottery 8pm Outcome picture. This picture refreshes all the pictures above every other day, but only at certain times. This page allows you to check your lottery sambad results at any time.

Nagaland Lottery Sambad Morning 1PM Result Weekly Schedule

It is not that a 1 PM paper lottery ticket is always dearer than if it was. These paper tickets can be purchased under seven different names, seven days a week. If you take the time to look at the table arrangement, you’ll be able to comprehend the whole thing.

Days Draw Names
Monday Dear Ganga Morning
Tuesday Dear Teesta Morning
Wednesday Dear Torsha Morning
Thursday Dear Padma Morning
Friday Dear Hoogly Morning
Saturday Dear Kosai Morning
Sunday Dear Damodar Morning

Lottery Sambad Morning 6PM Result Weekly Schedule

The Deer Lottery’s paper tickets, which give out the results at 6 p.m. each day, are sold under different names on seven days. Below is a table that explains the subtleties of these many names.

Days Draw Names
Monday Sun Monday Weekly
Tuesday Moon Tuesday Weekly
Wednesday Mercury Wednesday Weekly
Thursday Venus Thursday Weekly
Friday Earth Friday Weekly
Saturday Mars Saturday Weekly
Sunday Dear Damodar Morning

Nagaland Lottery Sambad 8 PM Results Weekly Schedule

Deer Lottery’s paper tickets, which are distributed at 6 pm, can be purchased under different names on seven days of the week. Below is a table that explains the subtleties of these many names.

Days Draw Names
Monday Flamingo Evening Monday weekly
Tuesday Parrot Evening Tuesday Weekly
Wednesday Eagle Evening Wednesday Weekly
Thursday Falcon Evening Thursday Weekly
Friday Vulture Evening Friday Weekly
Saturday Ostrich Evening Saturday Weekly
Sunday Dear Damodar Morning

Lottery Sambad Daily Results Timing

Dear Lottery delivers Lottery news results at three distinct times per day in supported states with the endorsement from the state government

Each day, the primary lottery consequence is distributed at 1 pm. The PDF of the result is then transferred to Dear Lottery’s official site. Our group carefully examines the PDF and then transfers it to this site as an image.

At 6pm, the second Lottery Night Aftereffect is announced. On the other side, Lottery Sambad 6pm result.

The final lottery sambad effect of the day is distributed around 8 PM. Also known as Lottery Sambad 8 PM Results or Lottery Night Result.

Draw Public Name Draw Time
Lottery Sambad Morning Results 01:00 PM
Lottery Sambad Day Results 06:00 PM
Lottery Sambad Night Results 08:00 PM

Lottery Sambad Morning Dear prize distribution

First Award – Rs 1 Crore

The primary award will be given to the first ticket sold. To make this possible, the tickets must be sold exactly. Coordinated must be done from the first number to the last number.

Lottery Sambad Morning tickets have 8 digits. These 8 digits contain the initial two numbers, followed by a capital letter. Then comes the fifth number.

The ticket number should be matched by the primary victor.

Cons. Prize – Rs 1000 (Staying all Serials).

You have probably already figured out how the victor is selected. You will see that the main victor is also given 1000 rupees per ticket. This is known as Cons. Prize.

You can understand a lot better how the Cons Prize is awarded. First, you need to know what a ticket is. A ticket number is 11K 11111, for example.

The chronic number is the primary third number. Assuming the whole ticket number, including the chronic number, is coordinated, I stated from the beginning that the main award will be given to one person.

With the exception of the chronic numbers, each ticket of the 5 digits to the right will receive 1000 rupees. The primary award will be equal to 5 digits.

Second Award – Rs. 9000

Second Award 10 individuals get Rs9000 per ticket. This honor is only possible if you match the tickets. Only the five numbers that match the criteria are required.

Let’s say that someone buys 5 lottery Sambad morning tickets. If the numbers match correctly, he will receive 5×9000= 45000 Rupees.

Here’s the question: How can I get 5 tickets with a similar number? You will soon realize that tickets can be arranged using various chronic numbers, with 5 similar numbers to the right.

The ticket number 11K 11111 is an example. In this case, the champ-to-be should match the 5 digits on each side of the ticket.

This time, I believe the situation is clear to you. You can receive many awards with a similar amount of money, even after all the awards.

Third Award – Rs. 450

Third Award 10 individuals receive Rs450 per ticket. You just need to match the 4 numbers on the right side of the ticket.

For example, lottery sambad morning ticket number 11K 11111. Match the 4 digits on the ticket to this situation. This is how it looks 11K 11111

This rule applies regardless of how many tickets he may have. Each ticket will be worth 450 rupees.

No matter how hard you try, you will only get around 2200 rupees. You will need at least five tickets to get the maximum amount. This is 5×450 = 2200 Rupees

This page should have shown you your lottery sambad results. This page will allow you to check your dear lottery results anytime within the next few days.

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